Y axis wheel replacement steps

Read the following steps in chronological order to successfully replace your Y axis wheels:

  • You will need a Y axis wheel kit to begin the replacement process. You can also read about what is included in your replacement kit in the later section of this article.




  • You will need to prepare your Lower X Beam to replace wheels. Click here to learn more about this.


  • You will need to take your old wheel out and replace them with the new ones. Click here to learn more about this.



  • And finally, do a wheel setting on your new wheels. Click here to learn more about this.


Contents of the Y axis wheel kit

The maintenance wheel kit includes all of the necessary components needed for maintenance, here is an example of a Y axis maintenance wheel kit.

A: Initial wheel position reference card

B: Wheel tyre

C: Dome flange torx screws

D: Bearing adjuster metal

E: Loctite

F: Wheel adjustment spanner


Description of each of the components

Wheel setting reference card

The initial wheel position reference card (A) is a helpful guide. By following the guide you will factory reset your wheels position, so that you can do the wheel position by following our guide in the Y wheel setting procedure click here to learn more.


The tyres come with a bearing sitting inside, to make one wheel you will need two tyres.


Dome Flange Torx screws

The M5 dome flange torx in use which assembled the wheel to the wheel plate.


H: M5 dome flange torx

I: Wheel 

J: Wheel plate


Bearing adjuster

The bearing adjuster is used to change the position of the wheel.

K: Bearing adjuster metal


Loctite is used to threadlock the M5 torx screw. Make yourself aware of the safety instruction in the image, as well as reading the technical data by clicking here

Image credit: Henkel

Wheel Adjustment Spanner

Our wheel adjustment spanner is a specialised tool which you can use to change the position of the wheels.

L: Wheel adjustment spanner



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