Diagnosing and fixing loose pinions on the Z-Head

This article will help to diagnose the problem of loose pinions on the Z Head.


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If you have loose pinions this may cause problems in doing precision machining, your job will not cut to the desired profile. Z Head has 2 pinions located on the underside.


A: Z Head pinions 


Check pinions engagement

First you have to check whether the pinions are fully engaged with the racks. Click here to learn more about properly engaging Z Head pinions. 


Bring Z Head close to the home end or close to the console and inspect the pinions with a flashlight.


B: Z Head

C: Console


Diagnosing loose pinions 

Firstly, make sure your SmartBench is turned on, click here to learn more.

Move Z Head to the middle of the Upper X Beam and try to rotate Z Head while holding the motors. If you feel movements or a click sound then this confirms you have loose pinions.


D: Motor (Right side)

E: Motor (Left side)


Tightening the pinions 

Once you have identified that you have loose Z Head pinions, remove the Z Head, click here to learn how.


To access the pinions you need to remove the pinion guards. 


F: Pinions (Z Head)

G: Pinion guards



To remove the pinion guard you can use a 4mm hex screwdriver.




The pinion is fixed on the shaft of the motor with the help of four grub screws. 



You can use a 2mm allen key to tighten the grub screws.



While tightening you can also identify whether the screws were loose or not.



If you still have issues with the pinions then submit a support ticket by clicking here.

Reassemble the Z head

Once you are happy with the pinion settings you can reassemble the Z Head back on the X Beam, click here to learn how.



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