Calibrating the X and Y axes

You will need:

  • An accurate tape measure (class 1 is advised)

  • A flat bladed object e.g. a scraper or steel rule.


SmartBench needs to be calibrated at regular intervals to ensure that it continues to cut accurately. 

When does SmartBench need to be calibrated? 

You should calibrate your SmartBench if:

  • It has been subjected to a large or quick change in temperature.

  • You have replaced key components e.g. a warranty replacement.

  • The reminder pop-up on the console tells you that it is due (this will happen every 320 hours of cutting time).


We calibrate all SmartBenches before they leave the factory. 

Calibrate SmartBench using the Console app

You can calibrate your machine easily by yourself using the Calibration Wizard app on your SmartBench Console. 


In the Console lobby, use the arrow buttons to scroll through until you see the “Calibrate” button. 


Press the “Calibrate” button.


The Calibration Wizard will guide you through the process with on screen instructions.



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