Transferring jobs with a USB stick

Copying the job file onto your USB stick

You will need a USB stick. 

Plug your USB stick into a USB port on your computer. 


Copy and paste (or click and drag) your job files files into the folder for your USB stick. 

Only transfer job files with a .gcode or .nc extension. SmartBench will only read these formats.


Your USB stick might have a different name, maybe matching the brand that is written on it. If you are not sure, you can unplug it and plug it back in to see if a new name appears in your folder menu. 


When the file has copied across, right click on the USB stick folder and select “Eject (Name of your USB Stick)”. 

Unplug your USB stick from your computer.

Copying the file on to the SmartBench console

You will find the USB port on the right hand side of the console. Plug your USB stick into this port.



In the console menu, click on the “Pro” App.

Press the button with the folder icon in the top left of the screen.


Press the folder button to load a file.


It will take a moment for your console to load up the USB stick, so please be patient.


When the USB stick is connected, you will see a green banner at the top of the screen, and the USB stick button will glow orange. 


Press the USB stick button.


You will see the files on your USB stick displayed in the filechooser.



The filechooser will only display files with a .nc or .gcode extension.


Congratulations, you have transferred a file from your computer to your SmartBench with a USB stick!

Click here to learn how to open and load a job file on SmartBench.


More for video

Press on your file, and then the green tick, to load it.


Note the banner at the top of the screen - your USB stick needs to stay plugged in while the file is loading, so please don’t remove it until the console tells you that it is safe to do so. 


Currently, you cannot transfer job files from your console to your USB stick. You can however, download the console system logs onto your USB stick, and alarm reports. 


There are times when something goes wrong, and the console stops recognizing the USB stick. 


To fix this, navigate to the system tools app, and click on USB first aid. When prompted, remove your USB stick, and press OK. 


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