Emergency power down

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In the event of an emergency, you can instantly turn off the machine by pushing the power button on the Lower X Beam:

Only switch SmartBench off mid-job in an emergency, as this hard shutdown will make it unlikely to recover the job.

Be aware that if SmartBench is switched off during a job: 

  • The machine’s position will be lost. It will need to be rehomed and the job restarted.

  • If the tool is stuck in the materialy you will need to manually remove it from the workpiece, as per the instructions in the next part of this article. 

You can pause SmartBench without losing position (depending on the situation) by pressing an Interrupt bar, or by pressing the pause button on the Console.

Recovery after emergency power down

If SmartBench is powered down during a routing operation, the tool will stay in contact with the material, and will need to be manually extracted. 

Rotate the Z Head pulley in a clockwise direction to raise the spindle up and out of the material. 

Only use the Z Head pulley to raise the spindle if you have powered down SmartBench, and the tool is jammed in the stock material.


A: Z head pulley

Once the spindle has been completely removed from the workpiece, it will be safe to move the X Beam away from the workpiece, and restart SmartBench. 

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