SmartBench extraction

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Routing naturally produces swarf, and without proper extraction this swarf can start to build up on the surface of the workpiece. 


It is critical that swarf is removed from the cutting site during the machining operation by an effective extractor. 

Poor extraction and build up of swarf on the workpiece can cause:

  • High levels of friction and heat at the cutting site.

  • Reduced finished part accuracy.

  • Loss of position mid-job.

  • Blunting of the cutter.

  • Job failure.

SmartBench coolant 

To remove swarf during operation SmartBench only uses an air-extraction system as its coolant.

Using any other type of liquid coolants such as water, oil, synthetics etc can damage your SmartBench.

A: Swarf

What do I need to look for in a SmartBench extraction?

SmartBench requires a good, efficient chip and dust extraction system to ensure your job completes without any hiccups. 

When choosing an extractor for SmartBench, you need to consider: 

The articles in this guide will go through all of this in detail, so you can choose the most appropriate extraction system for your application.

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