If you are new to CNC, then you may not have come across datums before. This masterclass will tell you everything you need to know about datums and how to use them.

Why are datums important?

Datums are essential for positioning jobs on SmartBench.

You will need to reposition your job if: 

  • You need to start cutting in a new area of the stock material.

  • You are working with a new piece of material which may be in a new place.

  • Your new job size is different from the previous one.

Job positioning is therefore something you can expect to do fairly frequently! Luckily, datums make positioning very fast and easy to implement.

Why do I need to know about datums?

You need to know what datums are, and how to set them in both your job files and on SmartBench. 

In this section, we’ll cover:

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