Aluminium cutting guidance

SmartBench is a versatile CNC machine. It is however unique in its operational approach. As such the way in which you cut your work will often differ from how things are achieved with a traditional flatbed CNC machine. This is certainly the case when you have a requirement to cut an aluminium sheet on SmartBench.

Guidance on cutting aluminium

It is highly recommended to use the following guidance when cutting an aluminium material.


  • Clean your stock material from any dirt and debris before cutting.

  • Select a cutting tool which does not require coolant nor lubrication. 

  • Use an extraction system to remove cut swarf and debris.

  • Use a secondary extractor, or Brush, to clear any remaining swarf or debris away from the SmartBench Z-Head. 

  • Our recommended feed and speed for cutting aluminium is shown here.

  • Monitor your Feeds & Speeds parameters to avoid overheating. 


  • Lubrication should not be used in any quantity. Not even a mist-spray! Otherwise swarf and debris will become difficult to remove with extraction 

  • Air-Lines should not be used to clear debris nor swarf from the stock material. Otherwise particles may interfere with the Z-Head performance. 

If you comply with the guidance given above, then you will be able to progress with your aluminium cutting jobs using SmartBench without any problems whatsoever. If you choose to ignore the guidance then you may incur damage to your SmartBench Z-Head electronics, and equally you may endanger the safe working operation of your SmartBench. 

This guidance is mandatory-level operational instruction not optional advice.



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