Why do I need BigFoot Beta

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The BigFoot Beta system replaces the default dust shoe supplied with the Z Head. It enables a high-airflow for dust extraction for SmartBench. It is for static installations where SmartBench is used for high throughput. The BigFoot system:

  • improves waste clearance by enabling a higher air-flow 

  • allows collection of larger chips (e.g. strands) without blocking, and 

  • can reduce the number of bag changes required between jobs (dust extractors which use larger bags)

Results of Bigfoot

BigFoot has been designed and tested around a standard workshop dust extractor with specification as below (link to an example extractor):

  • 1,530 m³/hr @ 100 mm diameter

  • Airflow 425L/s

Tests have proven the BigFoot system capability of collecting the following waste:





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