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Yeti Tool Talk Group

We have the Yeti Tool Talk Group on Facebook, with over 3500 active members (As of 2024)

See first-hand how we have helped people transform the way they work and provide the missing link to their business.

Members frequently share their own projects and how-tos as well - it’s a fantastic community to be a part of. 

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Customer quotes

We have over 2500 SmartBench users (As of 2024), and this is just some of their feedback: 

Nick Vasko

"I love my Yeti SmartBench and wouldn't trade it for anything. It is the primary reason I have been able to make a career change in the past year. It easily sets me apart from other designers/remodelers who need to rely on other expensive subcontractors who charge a high premium for customer work. Now I am able to do nearly anything a customer can think of for little cost and with a quick turnaround."

Wood by JAH

"SmartBench has improved all aspects of my joinery and projects, and to be frank allowed me to create things that I don't have the raw talent to create by hand. It is fast, accurate and super easy to use. Having never used CNC previously, the software was the biggest learning curve but once mastered, your own creativeness is the limit. SmartBench is my go-to machine and the hub of my workshop; I don't know what I'd do without it."

Coolsign Media

"It's so fantastic to do such things with your 'little' Smartbench and when you see the result - there is no difference to a much more expensive machine."


"I love the fact it can handle full sheets and is really accurate and easy to store (I keep mine stored at the ceiling of my garage). The controls are simple and easy to use, a lot easier than some of the other machines where you need an engineering degree to get them even moving."

And there’s more…

Click here to read more customer quotes and see their fantastic projects on our news page. 

Review: Tool Box Buzz

Stan Durlacher took the time to write an incredibly in depth review of SmartBench for Tool Box Buzz. This review has not been endorsed by Yeti Tool, and is a completely honest assessment of SmartBench.

Stan’s article focuses on everything from unboxing and setup to using SmartBench to create projects. It even has a great breakdown of how SmartBench is mechanically different from traditional CNC machines. 

Here are Stan's closing comments; 

“I close this review by restating that the YetiTools SmartBench is a Seed Change in the CNC marketplace.

SmartBench is designed and manufactured by an exceptionally talented, innovative, dedicated, and responsive set of personnel in the UK. In addition, the SmartBench is distributed by a uniquely responsive and caring company that sells and services a series of the highest quality and innovative tools in the US – Timberwolf Tools.

I look forward to seeing SmartBench’s progress in the marketplace, and I give Yeti Tool the highest marks for creating a revolutionary machine. It has been a pure pleasure to use and review the YetiTools SmartBench.”

Click here to read Stan’s review in full.

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