What is SmartBench, and what does it do?

What is SmartBench?

SmartBench is a large format CNC multitool. You can automatically process 2D and 3D designs, which SmartBench will mill, cut or draw on sheet materials (both small and large). 

Completely unique in the world of CNC, SmartBench is portable and storable, with a 3 minute assembly time. Industrial-grade 3-axis CNC control means that SmartBench can produce everything from simple profiles to complex 3D geometries.

SmartBench makes CNC technology accessible: we have designed it to be the most affordable, easy to learn, and space efficient CNC solution on the market.

What can SmartBench do?

Can SmartBench cut full size sheets? 

SmartBench is a full size CNC machine that can process 2.5m x 1.25m sheets (8x4 sheets).  

SmartBench Mini PrecisionPro is a full size CNC machine that can process 1.25m x 1.25m sheets (4x4 sheets).

 It can hold materials as thick as 152mm/ 6 inches, and has Z axis travel of 130mm/ 6 inches.

It’s worth saying that SmartBench doesn’t have to cut full size sheets only - it can process small stock just as easily!

How accurate is SmartBench? 

We target a finished part accuracy of ±0.5mm or better.

What materials can SmartBench process? 

SmartBench is optimized to process woods and plastics; however, we have customers process a wide range of materials including some aluminiums.

Can it do anything else?

Yes! With the CNC stylus, SmartBench can also become a drawing tool and vinyl cutter.

We’re always working on new features that we can bring to SmartBench, so watch this space...

Whoa, so it can do a lot then?

Yep! Why not check out what some of our customers have already been making with SmartBench: 

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