Top 5 vinyl cutting mistakes

Cutting too deep or too shallow

Setting the blade height is critical to getting a good result. And it can be tricky when dealing with such thin materials. Click here to learn good techniques on setting the blade height correctly.

Not having the cartridge parallel to the axis

Clamping the vinyl cutting cartridge parallel to the barrel of CNC stylus is essential. If it is at an angle it will alter the blade height, rub unevenly.

Using a blunt blade

Using a blunt blade will obviously give poor edge cutting results. We recommend using a magnification tool to get a good visual on the tip of the blade before cutting.

Using the wrong blade angle

Cutting with an unnecessarily steep blade can cause tearing. Check out our blade selection article to make sure you’re using the one that’s best for your material.

The vinyl not being completely flat and tight

Any looseness in the way the vinyl is held down will cause a “wave” of material in front of the cartridge. This can cause various different symptoms, so make sure your material is under tension when you tape it down.


If you have any issues, please submit a support ticket - we’re here to help :-)


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