Vectric: Exporting a job file

Once you create toolpaths, you can export them into a job file. You can also have a file with toolpaths already created. Click on Toolpath on the right hand side of the Vectric screen.



You will see a list of created toolpaths. 


If the check box next to a toolpath is ticked Vectric will show a preview of this toolpath. Tick on the check box next to Toolpath to select/deselect all the toolpaths.


In this example we will only export a single toolpath into a job file.


Select the toolpath name, this will highlight in blue


Select the save toolpath button. The toolpath selected and the tool used will be displayed under Toolpaths to be saved



 Select Yeti Tool SmartBench in the Post Processor drop down.


Click on Save Toolpath(s) 


Select the location for the job file and its name. By default Vectric will name the file after the toolpath’s name.


We will name this Animal stickers


Your job file is now ready to be transferred to SmartBench.


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