Vectric: Drawing the features

Import SVG

For this example, we are going to import an SVG file, which has the animal shapes already drawn. 


You can download the SVG which we used by clicking on this link.


An SVG is a type of image file which uses vectors instead of pixels, to define shapes. This means toolpaths can be assigned to the shapes.


First, we will import the SVG by press Import Vectors



We can then select our SVG to import and press Open



Our SVG will now appear in our window




We can now center our SVG to the job. 


In this case, we need to group our animals into one object. 


Select the objects and then right click > Group Objects



Click on the image, the colour of outlines will change to magenta. Go to Edit > Align Selected Objects > Center In Material



We now need to ungroup the objects back into their individual vectors. Select the objects and then right click > Ungroup Objects > Ungroup back to original layers



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