Vectric: Define a job setup


Create a new job file

Start by creating a new file by clicking on Create a new file link.


Job type

Select Single Sided, we will only be cutting on one side.


Job size

Specify the minimum dimensions of the stock material you will be using.

Z datum position

We will use “Material Surface” as Z datum for the job. This means we will be registering the initial position of the tool on the top surface of the material, rather than the surface of the spoil board (for more theory about datums click here).


XY datum position

Select the bottom left corner of the bounding box (for more theory about datums click here).

Modeling resolution and appearance

These settings do not affect the cut path and are used only for preview rendering. Select Standard (fastest) from the drop down to speed up the preview rendering of the cut path. Select Birch in Appearance drop down. 


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