Top 5 mistakes when drawing with CNC Stylus

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Pen not run in

Check that your pen is run in. New pens like biros need a quick squiggle on some paper to ensure the ink floods the tip before committing to a job.

Drawing off the boundary

Make sure your paper is cut to the correct size and that you have an extra border to stick your tape too. This will save you from drawing outside of your paper!

Pen wobble

If your pen is wobbling then you may have selected the incorrect size collet, or the pen may be extending too far from the collet.

Pen didn’t contact surface

If your pen is not making constant contact with the surface then you may need to check that you have set your Z height correctly. Also ensure you have a level beam and that your spoilboard is flat and has not already been used for routing. 

Pen runs out

Eventually, pens run out. Make sure you have plenty of spares which you can swap out as needed.

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