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In order to create a toolpath in Vectric, you need to provide the software with information about the tool used. Vectric has a database of tools, where you can store setup information about the cutters you use in your jobs. Even if the same tool is used for different types of materials, e.g. hardwood and softwood, you can store essential information about feed rates and spindle speeds in the database, so you can reuse it in your other jobs. 

Adding a tool to the database

Adding through toolpath setup

When setting up a toolpath in Vectric, you will need to select a tool. In this example we will be using Profile toolpath setup. Click on Select…


The tool database information window with the list of tools already set up will be displayed. Vectric has some tools already in the database. 


If the tool you require does not exist in the database, you can create a new tool. You can also create a copy of a tool and update its details. In this example we will create a new pen plotting tool.

Select the correct material. In this example we will create a new category for pen plotting.


Press the icon to create a new category


Then press the + icon and enter a category name, then press apply and OK.



Select Imperial or Metric tools depending on what cutter you have. In this example we will create a metric tool.


We will then create a new group by pressing the button second from the left at the bottom, and entering the group name “Pens”. We can then press Apply



To create a new tool in this group, select the group and press the + button in the bottom left



In our example we are creating a pen with a diameter of 0.5mm. We will use End Mill as there is not a specific tool type to choose here.


Material specific settings for the cutter can now be created. For a biro, we can use the following settings:

  • Feed Rate: 6000mm/min

  • Plunge Rate: 750mm/min



After updating the setting, click on Apply and Select.



You have now set up a new tool, stored it in the Vectric tool database and applied the tool choice to the toolpath.

Adding through main menu

If your job already has some cutting paths set up, you can add a new tool by going to Toolpaths > Tool Database in the main menu.


This will open the Tool Database window. Follow the steps in the previous section to add a new tool. This will only add a new tool to the database without applying the tool to any of the existing cut paths.

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