Generating job files for drawing

How do I generate the files for SmartBench to draw?

A CAD/CAM package is needed to design the drawing. This package will then export the toolpaths for SmartBench to draw with CNC Stylus.

What CAD/CAM software will this tutorial use?

In this tutorial will design our drawing in Vectric.


Vectric works by:

  • Defining a general job setup

  • Drawing out basic features in 2D

  • Assigning toolpaths to the drawn features

  • Exporting the toolpaths to a file


We will use 2 different pens, and will export a new file for each of the pens’ toolpaths. This will help us change tools, by allowing us to swap in the correct pen at the start of each job.

Can I use other CAD/CAM packages?

You are welcome to use other CAD/CAM packages to generate the files for drawing. You can use a number of different CAM software packages. Click here to learn more about other CAD/CAM packages which are compatible with SmartBench.

Can I skip this, and just download the files?

Yes! You can download the file made for this tutorial here:

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