Introduction to servicing XY axis wheels and pinions

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Understanding your SmartBench orientation is essential for diagnosing and servicing the wheels and pinions. 

The X axis wheels and pinions are on the base of the Z Head, and run along the wheel tracks on the Upper X Beam. 

The Y axis wheels and pinions are on the Lower X Beam, and run along the wheel tracks of the Y Bench.

The wheels are referred to based on which axis they allow SmartBench to  run along. 

A: Y Bench

B: X Beam (Lower and Upper)

C: Z Head

D: Z Head pinions

E: Z Head wheels

F: Lower X Beam pinions

G: Lower X Beam wheels

Over time, the wheels can wear. This can cause them to become loose in their tracks, resulting in inefficient cuts. 

Wheels don’t need to be replaced very often, but you should still check them when servicing your SmartBench. 

Pinion teeth can become filled with debris or swarf, which can in turn cause meshing problems with the rack. 

In this guide, we will show you how to keep your machine clean and well-serviced, so that you can carry out your jobs to high precision and reduce the risk of job failure.

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