Principles for locking offcut sheet material

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Once you are happy with the position of the material, fix it properly to SmartBench. You can use:

  • Woodscrews

  • Double sided tape

These are the easiest and most commonly used methods; click here to learn more about other workholding techniques. 


It is possible to fix material directly to the clamp panels (A) of the Y Bench or to a spoilboard under the stock material using woodscrews. Make sure that they are:

  • Positioned away from the cutting toolpaths to prevent damages to the tool.

  • Driven at least 1 mm below the top surface of the material (provided you are using a spoilboard), so as not to disturb flatness.

Double sided tape

You can fix smaller materials to SmartBench with double-sided tape. 

Make sure your chosen tape has the right properties for your stock material. For example, use woodworking tape to properly fix wood offcuts.

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