Stalling in Y axis

Stalling in the Y axis

If your X-Axis Beam stops suddenly, yet still trying move along the Bench, there are several things to consider;

1) Check the motor pinion setting.

The motor pinion engagement with the racks needs to be set so that the surfaces touch correctly. If the engagement is too light, then the pinion rotation will skip over the rack teeth. If the engagement is too tight, then the pinion rotation will bind to the rack teeth causing them to jam. Both scenarios will cause the X-Beam to stall.

The servicing procedure identified in our website support page maintenance section covers the process of setting the pinions.


2) Check the wheel setting.

Like found with the motor pinions, the setting of the Lower Beam wheels will effect the performance of the Y-Axis movement. Again, if set too tightly, then there will be excessive resistance to the X-Beam movement. If the wheels are set too lightly then the Lower Beam will become too loose to be able to operate correctly. Both of these scenarios will contribute, in part, to stalling along the Y-Axis.

The servicing video for the Y-Axis identifies this;


3) Check both points 1) and 2) together, if the Y-Axis stalling is severe.

Following the resetting of the Lower Beam it is recommended that the SmartBench is recalibrated;


4) Should you find that there is still an issue with Y-Axis stalling, having followed the relevant points above, there is one more set of checks to undertake which will help us to resolve your issue.

a) Turn-off the power to the SmarBench. Then, using your hands, push the X-Beam along the whole length of the Bench. Please report your findings along with a video, to us via the Support Ticket system.

b) With the power turned on to the SmartBench, position the Z Head midway along the Upper Beam. Using your hands, apply in region of 10kg to 15kg of pressure to the X-Beam and try to push against it, along the length of the Bench. If there is any movement, please report your observations along with a video. to us via the Support Ticket system


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