SmartBench is designed to be portable, and as such comprises of inter-connecting, removeable sub-assemblies. Over time, the working tolerances of the various moveable components will reach the edge of their operational limits, and beyond. This is also true, over time, for a machine which is kept in one position, such as a designated workshop, and hardly ever taken apart for storage.
Consequently, the user will eventually be presented with inadequate squaring of the SmartBench which will call for some adjustment.

Generally, the SmartBench will be kept in-square by following the routine procedures of "Auto Squaring" or indeed "Manual Squaring"

Details of Auto vs. manual squaring can be found in the console user guide here on page 5. - or if you like, you can watch an explanation video here

Wheel setting

You may first need to carry out general maintenance including wheel setting. Please see more details on the maintenance page here

Squaring using adjustable skids

If after undertaking the standard routine squaring procedures, you find that your machine is still not square, then you will need to consider some fine adjustment using the "Adjustable Skids" to achieve a more refined alignment of X & Y Axis elements of the SmartBench.

To do this please follow these steps;

1) Confirm that Adjustable Skids have in-fact been fitted to the ends of the Lower Beam of your SmartBench. Please note that older machine versions were built prior to this designed upgrade being implemented and installed. If they are in fact installed, proceed to step 4).

2) If your SmartBench would benefit from the installation of Adjustable Skids, then please submit a support ticket, remembering to indicate your machine serial number. We can then send these out to you accordingly. Details of how to find your serial number can be found here

3)  Install the Adjustable Skids upgrade to your SmartBench by following the steps in our demonstration video; How to install your adjustable skids

4) Using the Adjustable Skids, please make the necessary fine adjustments to your X & Y Axis alignment by following the steps in our demonstration videos below.

Squaring the X lower to the legs

Squaring the X upper to the Y bench

Setting the Y racks to be equal

If, after Squaring your SmartBench through the procedures explained above, you are still experiencing problems,  then please submit a support ticket. Please include detailed measurements, photos, and Video. If possible, to convey the steps that you have gone through so far in trying to effectively square your SmartBench.


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