Door on G-Code monitor is activated

The Emergency Stop Bar, which is located on either side of the Upper Beam, is suitably sensitive. This will protect your current job and Spindle from being subjected to disturbance due to obstructions on the work surface.

Outside of the obvious, primary, reason for the "Door" message being triggered, there can be other circumstances which may affect the behaviour of the SmartBench., such as;

i) Over time, fine particles of dust, dirt, and cut material can build-up on the contact surfaces of the switches. There is a switch on each of the four corners of the upper beam. As, as result there may be occasions when the emergency stop switches are triggered for no apparent reason.

ii) The switch itself, over time, may develop a fault, causing the emergency stop procedure to be triggered.



If your SmartBench stops, with the console display screen displaying a "Door" error code, then please respond in order of the following;

1) Be sure to clear any obvious obstructions which prohibit the free movement of the SmartBench. This includes checking the effectiveness of the Extraction System. A large build-up of cut material will collect and halt the progress of the Upper Beam, due to the Emergency Stop Bar becoming activated. Notwithstanding, lesser amounts of uncleared material may not stop the progression of the Upper Beam, if not sufficient to trigger the stop switch, however, may prove enough of an obstacle to distort the performance of the SmartBench, resulting in shifts in the X-Y Axis co-ordinates. Once that the obstruction has been cleared, then the job can re-start. Though, please note that the error message may remain on display until the job has completed and the SmartBench reset thereafter.


2) Where there are clearly no obstructions to the Upper Beam, and the extraction system is operating satisfactorily, the next thing to consider is maintenance. Here, use some silicone lubricant, such as WD40, spraying it on the contact surfaces of each individual switch. Press, and activate, each switch around ten times in order for the contact surfaces to be cleared of detritus. when next resetting the SmartBench, take this opportunity to confirm that the Emergency Stop Switches are behaving correctly having been cleaned.


3) If after undertaking the steps in point 2) just above, you may find that there is still an issue with a switch constantly triggering. If this is apparent, then there is a fault with a particular switch. Please submit a support ticket so we can assist.

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