Spindle does not power

If your spindle does not power on, there are a few things below to check:

1. Ensure the spindle power cable is fully inserted - please see page 29 of quick start guide here

2. Check that the spindle is switched on. The switch should click into place.

3. As the spindle is a brushed motor, the brushes may need changing. Please find the links below for how to change brushes on both the AMB and the Yeti Tool SC1 spindle

Changing the brushes on your AMB spindle

Changing the brushes on your Yeti Tool SC1 spindle

4. Clean your spindle of any dust or debris. We would recommend you do this by removing the back cover as shown in the brush change video.

5. If your spindle will switch on from the console. but does not power on when you start a job then there is likely to be a problem with your file. Ensure you have the RPM set correctly within your software.

If you have checked everything above, then we would recommend you submit a support ticket.



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