Stalling in Z axis

If you are experiencing a stall in the Z axis during a move procedure or a job, then we suggest checking the items below. Typically, there are two issues which cause Stalling in the Z Axis;

1. As part of the 50 hour maintenance check, the lead screw/s need to be cleaned and lubricated to ensure they run smoothly. A build-up of detritus can cause the Spindle carriage to lower, raise inconsistently or, in extreme cases, even stall. You can find details here.

2. Check to ensure the stepper driver is functioning correctly. The stepper driver, which controls movement of the Z axis motors should be rigid in its position when SmartBench is powered-on. When the power is active, the motors should have a high holding torque.

With SmartBench powered on, try to turn the rubber drive belt with your fingers. If you are able to move this then there is most likely a fault. In this instance please submit a support ticket, ideally accompanied by a short video demonstrating this. 

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