SmartBench will not power-on

There are several reasons why the SmartBench may not power-up.

1) Check the obvious issues, such as the plugs, cables and mains electricity are all connected correctly and functioning. 

2) If there is no apparent power to the SmartBench, first of all check the 3No. fuses located in the compartments on the underside of the lower X-Beam. The fuses specification can be found on the product page here

3) The power-up of the SmartBench may be activated, however, there may be a fault with the Console display. If there is power to the SmartBench, under normal operation, it should not be possible to move the X-Beam or the Z-Head.

If your fault does not lie with the fuses, or cable connections, then, please record all relevant information and submit a support ticket

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