Powering off SmartBench

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Emergency power down

In a worst case scenario where you need to instantly turn off the machine, hit the power button on the Lower X Beam:

Only do this in special emergency situations, as this hard shutdown can damage the workpiece and SmartBench:

  • SmartBench will not be able to decelerate in a controlled way.

  • The spindle will not be able to decelerate or remove itself from the workpiece properly.  

  • Hard shutdowns can cause damage to the internal memory of the console. 

Safe Shutdown

The console is constantly carrying out background processes while it is on. 

It is therefore important to shutdown the console prior to switching the main power off, to avoid unexpected problems with console operation.


Return to the console menu from any active screen currently displayed on the console by tapping the Exit button.

Tap on the shutdown button located at the bottom of the lobby screen.

Tap on the “Shutdown now” button on the warning pop up message.

Wait 30 seconds while the console fully shuts down. 

It is now safe to power off SmartBench by pushing the power button.

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