Fitting the Z probe plate

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What is a Z probe plate?

The Z probe plate is used in finding the tool's zeroth position, or Z datum, relative to the workbench. 

Setting the Z datum can be done automatically using the Z probe plate. SmartBench will lower the tool until it touches the Z probe plate. On touch down, SmartBench receives a signal to give it the position of the Z axis.

Click here to learn more about what a datum is.

Assembling the Z probe plate

A: Z probe plate

Z probe plate housing is located on the right hand side of the Z head as shown below.

Slide the Z probe plate into the housing like this:

B: Z probe plate housing

C: Z probe plate

The signal socket for the Z probe plate is located on the right hand side of the Z Head, close to the base. 

Connect the Z probe plate cable to this socket, as shown: 

The assembly should look like this:

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