Fitting the Lower X Beam

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You will need 

  • Lower X Beam

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  • Pair of Legs (x1)

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Lifting the Y Bench 

Prior to installing the Lower X Beam, unfold the second pair of legs.

We will use them to temporarily support the Y Bench at the Home end.

Push the clamp handles on the Legs down, so that they do not get in the way while supporting the Y Bench. 

Do not twist the handles as this will change the clamping settings.

Position the Legs so that they sit just past the first crossbeam from the Home end:

A: First crossbeam from Home end

The position of the Legs should be straight and not twisted to maintain the Y Bench balance, like this:

Assembling the Lower X Beam onto the Y Bench

Lift and align the Lower X Beam to the Y Bench so that the Home label on the Lower X Beam is facing the same direction as the Home label on the Y Bench. 

Align the Lower X Beam wheels and the pinions to the Y Bench channels.

B: Pinion

C: Lower X Beam wheels

The Y Bench pinion and the wheel channels are illustrated below:

D: Pinion channel

E: Wheel channel

Push the Lower X Beam onto the Y Bench.

While pushing you should feel some slight resistance on the wheels as they pop into place.

Push the Lower X Beam onto the Y Bench, and test the fitting to make sure the pinions and the wheels are fully engaged into the channels.

If the lower X beam doesn’t push through, pull the Lower X Beam back out. Realign the wheels and pinions with the channels, and try mounting it again. 

Lift the clamp handles at either end of the Lower X Beam so that they are open and pointing up (this is necessary to prepare for mounting the Upper X Beam).

Do not twist the handle as this will change the clamping settings.

You have successfully fitted the Lower X Beam. 

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