Getting Started


Getting Started

Start here to get an understanding of the CAD/CAM workflow, and what you can use with SmartBench.



First project: Drawing a sign with Vectric VCarve Pro

Learn how to generate the job files for your first project using VCarve Pro.


Vectric V10 tutorials

These tutorials will help you get started with Vectric V10 if you haven’t used it before, showing you how to make a sign or a 3D assembly that can be sculpted with SmartBench.


Vectric VCarve Pro: Essential Principles

Got the basics, and ready to learn more about Vectric? Click here.


Fusion 360 For Beginners

Want to get started with Autodesk Fusion 360? Come right this way…


Fusion 360: 2D Milling Toolpaths

Learn about how to set up different types of milling toolpath with Autodesk Fusion 360.

Project Demonstrations


Sculpting a lizard

See SmartBench’s sculpting capabilities with this demo.


Bespoke Monitor Stand

In this video, our novice SmartBench operator makes a bespoke monitor stand using SmartBench.


Fretwork panel

Watch us how we tested an early prototype of SmartBench! This video is a great example of how the SmartBench technology can handle delicate large format projects.

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